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The fire brigade at Fredriksberg Fortress

The little lookout post at Fredriksberg Fortress still stands. Little else gives testimony to the fact that the fortress also has played its part in protecting Bergen from devastating fires. When Bergen Fire Brigade was modernized after a big fire in 1901, Fredriksberg Fortress was turned into a small fire station and lookout post.

Fredriksberg Fortress was originally built on an elevated spot on Nordnes around 1666-67, just a few years after the dramatic Battle in the Bay which is described in the story about Bergen Cathedral. According to regulations, the fortress was supposed to fire shots in case of a fire. The number of shots indicated the location of the fire.

In 1905, Fredriksberg Fortress was taken into active use as a lookout and a small fire station. There had been a big fire in 1901 which had increased the town’s willingness to invest more money in fire protection. Two fire stations were built in 1903, and two years later the fire guard and lookout from the Cathedral’s tower was moved to Fredriksberg. From this spot there was a good view all over town. The small fire station had a lookout post and a house for the fire chief. In addition to the chief, four constables and a foreman worked here. There was also a horse on the staff, with the day to day responsibility for transportation.

The fire station was closed down in 1926. Apparently it had been made “superfluous by the development”.


Til alle som har en fot i fortidens Bergen - hva med Elisabeth Welhavens fornøyelige historier fra Bergen rundt 1800? Boken kan bestilles på Histos forlag!

Fredriksberg fort, også kalt Fredriksberg festning, er et fort som ligger på Nordnes' høyeste punkt. På vestsiden er der en stupbratt side ned mot sjøen. Her er god utsikt over Bergen sentrum og mot Laksevåg.

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