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St Marie's School

St Marie’s School had an international flair. Still, “international” may be to draw the long bow. The school was German, the pupils were German and the teacher was German. Many pupils were children of soldiers belonging to the a "private soldier company"; the Delmerhortsian Company.

St Marie’s School was established in 1779. The school was situated at Vetrlidsallmenning in central Bergen. Children of German descend and with a poor background attended this school, mostly children whose fathers belonged to a German military company, the Delmerhortsian Company.

Children of German descend and with a poor background attended this school.

In the late 18th century there was a revolt among poor fishermen and farmers, against the rich traders in Bergen. This was called The Strils’ War. “The Strils” was the townsfolks’ rather disparaging term for small farmers and fisher families living in the coastal areas around Bergen. It was after the riot had been struck down that the Delmerhortsian Company arrived in Bergen as a mercenary company, to maintain law and order. The company brought their wives and children with them. After having completed their job, many soldiers chose to settle down in Bergen. Their children ended up in St Marie’s School together with other German children from poor families.

It was the congregation of Mariakirken – St Mary’s church – that collected the money to buy a new house in Vetrlidsallmenning, and had a teacher brought in from Itzehoe in Holstein, Germany.


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This is most likely the site where St Marie's School used to be. Photo: Histos